The idea of getting internet via satellite is interesting, and it does bring in a variety of unique situations into the mix. Starlink is one of the few services out there continuing to shine, and it certainly cements itself as one of the most reputable and reliable ways to get internet from satellites. But it will take a little bit of time until you can get Starlink internet everywhere in the world. For now, you can only sign up for it only if you live in Canada or the Northern US.

Are there any specific requirements?

Simply put, you can sign up for the Starlink beta only if you live between the 45 and 53 degrees latitude right now and you’re either in Canada or in the US. This is caused only by the fact that Starlink doesn’t have enough satellites to assist other regions, so right now they are just offering the beta for this region.

On top of that, this is a beta version. It’s not perfect, they are still testing things out at this time, and there will be outages. So you can expect outages whenever there’s a gap between satellites. The more satellites are sent into the ether, the better the results will be and less outages we will encounter. Right now however, this is a beta and they still need to send thousands of satellites in the orbit. So you can see why the service is not perfect. It will surely improve, and that’s the thing to take into consideration.

Can I sign up for Starlink if I live in a rural area?

Yes, in fact Starlink is actually focused on the rural areas. Because the satellite capacity is limited, especially now, it doesn’t make any sense to focus on Starlink for the urban areas. Instead, you should give it a go if you are outside of large cities, because it’s becoming more and more worth the effort there. Plus, urban areas have an overload of customers, so you can end up with too many users at once that will simply make the network unusable right now.

Where can you sign up for Starlink?

Provided that you are in one of the supported areas, then you can sign up for Starlink even right now at It’s possible to enroll yourself but there are no specific guidelines or knowledge on when you will be able to enter the program. It’s said that this program will eventually continue to grow and expand, but in the end it’s still something pretty interesting and a lot of people will enjoy it.

At the end of the day, it’s clear that Starlink is bringing in a unique opportunity to everyone that’s enthusiast for the internet and its solutions. There are obvious challenges that might arise with the internet use and other factors, but it’s still an amazing opportunity to become a part of the Beta. You just have to visit the Starlink website and enroll in the beta right now!