Today we will learn how to change Starlink wifi password to stop intruders from hacking into your wifi access. If you’re a new Starlink user, this is very crucial to first secure your wifi network. Without further ado let’s start changing your Starlink wifi password by just following an easy instructions below.

Currently, the Starlink wifi router does not have a way of granting access to the administrator portal. Starlink is working on a web-based portal for administrative access. In the meantime, if you would like to change your SSID (Network ID) and password after you have already established a connection please follow these steps:

1.) Press the reset button located on the bottom of your Starlink wifi router.
2.) Wait for the LED to turn solid white.
3.) Look for the default Network ID located on the back of your router beneath the Ethernet port.
4.) Match it with the list of available wifi connections you see on your device and connect.
5.) Once connected, a web page will pop-up prompting you to change your SSID (Network ID) and password

You can also recover your Starlink account here

Note: It is recommended to have a secure WIFI and in order to do that you need to generate a long passphrase/password to protect your wifi. It is advisable to use a long and random password that can make anyone hard from accessing your wireless network.

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Apply Starlink Internet