Starlink is an incredible satellite internet service created by SpaceX. The focus is to try and help people gain internet access even if they live in remote locations. This is not a replacement to regular cable internet, instead it’s an alternative designed to help those living in remote locations and which don’t have internet access.

How does it work?

Starlink has satellites in the lower earth orbit and those will help you gain access to the internet. The speed is quite good, so you don’t have major limitations just from using Starlink. Which is great, because you also have less latency due to the satellites being in the lower orbit. It’s going to be very useful since it saves time, and it also allows you to enjoy an internet connection pretty much anywhere.

The Starlink system setup you receive is very simple to install, and it’s not overly large. Yes, it’s not extra portable, but it does get the job done and that alone does make a huge difference. Which is exactly why it’s well worth a shot, because it delivers the quality and efficiency that you need, while also eliminating any confusion.

What speeds can you expect?

Starlink speeds can vary based on the location. According to them, you can get up to 150 mbps which is a great speed. The latency can also get to 20 ms, which is way better when compared to many other internet solutions. That’s where Starlink shines, because it offers a great way to access fast internet without having to worry about downsides or challenges.

How much is the cost?

Starlink costs are $599 as a one charge for the hardware. However, it does have a monthly cost for the service and that is $110. The service is already in 40 countries and expanding to others. They also have a Starlink business service at $500 per month with $2500 required for equipment. Starlink also created a service for RVs, which is $599 for the hardware and then you pay $139 a month.

Overall, Starlink is a great service and it helps provide a very good solution if you need satellite internet. The speeds are very good and the service quality is excellent. That’s why it’s well worth giving it a try, especially if you need great internet and don’t have access to wired internet where you live right now!