Starlink is constantly expanding, and the service is definitely becoming more appealing to customers. The truth is that the company is meeting the FCC speed requirements for rural internet services, which is one of the top priorities for the business at this time. The potential to grow here is off the charts, and there’s definitely a lot of value to be had too. It all comes down to having all the right solutions and features provided here, and the potential can be quite amazing.

How many users does Starlink have right now?

Recently, Starlink showed via a report that they have more than 10000 users enrolled in their beta. The network is delivering internet at 100/20 mbps, which is quite amazing to be honest. Its performance is constantly getting better and better thanks to more and more satellites being launched, which is always a great thing to have.
On top of that, these are users from both the US and abroad, showing the overall versatility of the service and the complete value that they are offering right now. To make things even better, the system itself is fully adjustable, adaptable and it can bring in front a rewarding and interesting user experience. That goes to show just how much value and quality can be acquired via the service to begin with.

The current speeds are just the beginning. Since more satellites are getting launched every month, new connections are getting even better and better all the time. The satellites communicate with one another, and that makes it very easy for Starlink to offer the utmost performance and quality. It just goes to show that yes, the experience is pretty amazing for what it is, and the outcome can be outstanding if it’s all done properly and in a dependable manner.

What can we expect?

The Starlink speeds will surely get better and better, with the service already showing a lot of potential. They are constantly trying to come up with better results and more value, which is great. It’s also important to note that the FCC has provided SpaceX with around $885.5 million as a part of a program to provide internet to rural areas in the US. The phase one of this auction has already assigned Starlink with 642925 locations that will deliver internet to 35 states. It’s a great starting point, and it can only get better from there.


There’s no denying that Starlink continues to grow and expand, and the fact that it already has 10000 users early on shows that this is a successful experience. It certainly manages to catch on quite a bit, and the value itself is pretty amazing to say the least. Being able to provide internet to rural areas is the main focus here, and it does show just how much Starlink can do for US residents right now. That alone is where the true value stands, at least right now.