Starlink is constantly trying to improve their services and they are continually innovating in some amazing manner. With the new updates and added satellites, they are actually increasing their download speeds quite a bit. In fact, the last download speed was 1 gbps at the highest rate, now it will be 10 gbps due to the new update.
The FCC was updated by Starlink stating that they are bringing in broadband speeds right away, and the value that customers will receive will be very impressive and way above many of the current options on the market. It certainly feels like that, and the quality itself is among some of the top options that you can find on the market right now.

They are still working on the details and the speed is still not there yet, for the time being at least. But it shows that they do have the expertise, potential and tools needed to really take things to the next level here. If they do manage to achieve this, then Starlink will have a very good gigabit broadband network. Yes, it’s still in the process, true, but it will definitely provide a vast range of unique benefits, and that alone is always exciting.

Of course this all relies on the company actively creating their own Starlink satellite network that’s fully functional. They are constantly launching new satellites all the time. Right now when this article is written, they have 955 satellites and speeds are pretty good. Once they will launch thousands of satellites as expected, speeds will be a lot better and the overall experience and value will certainly improve. It will take a while to achieve that, especially with the work conditions due to the pandemic. But they are slowly getting there, even if it might take a bit more time to achieve that.

Right now the goal for Starlink is to send 120 satellites every month into the orbit of our planet. There’s also a new software update that promises to accelerate the throughput of the satellites even more. So there’s definitely a lot of work being done right now, which will surely provide plenty of potential and growth in the long run. It’s definitely not a walk in the park, but it will help issue some clarity and plenty of value through the entire process.

There’s a lot of promise coming from Starlink, and their new approach is unique and empowering. Yes, it’s definitely not flawless, but the overall system they are using and the promised speeds seem amazing in their own right. We hope there will be a lot better systems in the future for Starlink, which will eventually happen. They just need to bring more and more satellites into the air. And considering the high speed they are working on, they can send at least a thousand, maybe even 1500 satellites in the orbit every year. That’s a success, and it shows the amazing power that the company has. This speed will eventually become a real thing, especially considering that new sats launched this year and onward have laser links.