If SpaceX Starlink builds their own smartphones with a built-in internet receiver, it’s game over for the other competitors! Starlink owner Elon Musk replied a tweet about wifi in a high-speed moving objects like train, cars and other vehicles. For those who are new to this satellite internet, Starlink is a space satellite internet system that will provide subscribers with an internet connection from space satellite constellation using a receiver at home or in your vehicles.

If Elon Musk will build his own mobile device company and will install all their smartphones and any mobile devices with a built-in internet receiver this will be a game-changer in the mobile industry. Whenever this happens you can have your own internet access wherever you are as long as your phone or any mobile device that have a built-in internet receiver from Starlink internet system. This feature has never been yet in the market nor any company has ever planned or imagined this before.

If ever, Elon Musk will read about this idea, he should thanks me later and this will help him become the first trillionaire on earth.

Starlink internet beta already started in some parts of the US and Canada already approved its own Starlink beta in the country. CEO Elon Musk announced that the first Canada beta invites will begin to be sent out in the next coming days. Starlink internet is not yet commercially launched and rumor to be available nationwide next year in 2021.

Beta testers of SpaceX’s Starlink satellite-internet service have positively reported faster, from 50 Mbps to 150 Mbps, faster than Starlink promised – but the biggest marketing challenge is how to make it cheaper, CEO Elon Musk said.

Nearly all beta testers who reported November speeds on Reddit’s Starlink community claimed they were getting download speeds faster than 150 Mbps. So far the fastest download speed recorded was 205.82 Mbps.

For more beta invite updates you can check Starlink official website https://www.starlink.com/.