Starlink is available only in Canada and the US during their initial beta process, but it seems that they are soon expanding to other locations. Starlink has managed to receive licensing from the UK communications regulator. While they are available only in the American regions for now, having access to the UK market is a very big win. In fact, this is one of the major markets they could enter, and it’s definitely a valuable one.

It seems that the authorization was provided in November, but it was only made public now. There might have been some remaining things they had to iron out, which is understandable. The thing to keep in mind here is that Australia, Germany and Greece have approved the system as well, so this is quite an interesting achievement for them.

Musk has become the richest man in the world thanks to the massive Tesla stock prices, and it’s quite interesting to see that development. His focus is to provide Starlink internet all over the world as fast as possible by having a vast range of satellites all over the low earth orbit. They already have hundreds of satellites in the orbit, with thousands more to come in order to bring in an amazing range of benefits like better speed and more exposure all the time.

The fact that Starlink can now expand to the UK is amazing. Musk stated that Starlink will have its own initial public offering when the overall growth will become predictable. It seems that there will be 10 satellites assigned for the UK internet transmission, which seems quite a lot, but they might expand in the future.
According to the company, they believe that 10 satellites will be more than enough and it will provide an extraordinary starting point for them to reach new heights and provide the necessary solutions the company needs at this time.

What does this mean? Starlink will be able to finally test their internet in a new market, and this has the potential to bring in a lot of growth and value to the market. They are heavily focused on success and the testing process is going smoothly in the US. That’s why expanding to a new market is not as crazy as it might sound. It will take a bit of time for everything to work as expected, but the potential they have here is astounding, and it can make a huge difference for them.

At the end of the day, Starlink is all about enhancing their exposure, and reaching a new country is definitely interesting. There’s no information regarding how much Starlink will cost in the UK, but we do expect similar speeds to the US and similar prices as well. For the time being, only the approval has been reported on, we expect more information to arrive sooner rather than later. It’s still amazing to have this great exposure for Starlink, and we can expect new reports with other countries accepting them later this year!